My print quality is poor and I think my print heads may be clogged. How do I clean the print heads?

Use print head cleaning procedure to get best quality print outsPoor quality prints are a common occurrence and can have several possible causes. Sometimes we need to eliminate the probable causes one at a time before going to the expense of replacing an ink cartridge. The first step is to perform a test print out to see exactly where the problem is. Is the issue the ink coverage or is it in the alignment of the print? The alignment problem is easily noticeable as the text may be slanted or distorted but other print clearly enough. The other problem that you can encounter is the obvious poor quality of the print with parts missing or gaps appearing in the text or image.

Printing a test print will reveal where the problem is. To print a test page go to file print > properties > maintenance > print head alignment. You will need to load several sheets of paper in the printer as you will more than likely be printing out several test pages. The alignment test page will show if the letters are slanted and ask you to choose the best settings from the display in an effort to reset the alignment. It’s quite rare for the alignment to require must adjustment but it does happen from time to time. If the alignment is not the issue then it’s time to print out a text page to check the print quality.

To print this test page go to file print > properties > maintenance > nozzle check. This will print four lines of each colour and display any broken lines or gaps in the printing. If the four lines are not completely solid, it will be necessary to perform a head cleaning procedure in an effort to clear any blockages either in the print head or ink cartridges. To perform this the head cleaning procedure go to file print > properties > maintenance > head cleaning. After each head cleaning procedure it is necessary to print a test page and you will be prompted to do this by the cleaning programme.

If the print out is not to the standard required it may be necessary to perform this procedure several times. This of course will affect the life of the ink cartridge as quite a lot of ink is dispensed during the head cleaning as it is forced through the print head as it tries to clear any blockage. If none of the above make much difference to the print quality it is worth trying a new cartridge in case one of the cartridge is faulty – try replacing the black or one of the colour inks that show up particularly bad on the test page print out. In some cases the print head may be worn and require replacement, in this case it may be more economical to replace the printer depending on the value of the current printer.

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We are launching a more user friendly and responsive web design of

Check out our more user friendly and responsive web design of Printerinkcartridges.ieIn order to access each product information quickly and easily, we have come with a new and responsive web design. Printer Ink Cartridges has many features that assist you to make your shopping experience more easy.

The new search bar added on site help you finding your printer and cartridges brands more easily. The product pages enable each customer to quickly have product prices, usability, add to cart, add to wishlist, product compare & review options, and for most social networking sharing links. The “Quick Cartridge Search” feature definitely will surprise you and ease your shopping experience.

We have created top brands specific pages including Canon, Advent, Epson, Lexmark, HP, Dell, brother, OKI, Samsung, Xerox and Kodak. Now browse the site and shop for your favorite brand’s ink and toner cartridges.

Adding more to this read our blog section to have more information about our latest products and printers troubleshooting tips and tricks.

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I have recently bought a HP printer and need to find best value compatible HP 364 ink cartridges in Cork

Get great savings on buying compatible HP364 ink cartridges in CorkHP recently brought out a great range of printers that use low cost compatible HP 364 ink. The range of printers extends to over 50 models and these cartridges are easily obtained in any good ink shop in Cork. Because the more recent of these printers contain software that will enable the printer to read only the newest of the HP ink cartridges it’s best to make sure the cartridges you buy are second generation. It’s rumoured that HP changed the software in some of its newer printers in an attempt to prevent the use of the compatible range of printer ink in Cork (well lets face it, not just Cork, UK and Ireland in general). The older ink cartridges that were designed for the early printer models will not work the newer printer models. If you seek advice from your local ink shop in Cork or contact your online supplier they will advise if the cartridges they are selling are first or second generation and if they will work with your printer.

Unusually for HP, the ink cartridges come in four colours instead of two. The black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges are all replaceable individually and this will certainly prove more cost effective. The HP364 cartridges also come in and XL version that are high capacity with over 750 pages for the colour as opposed to the 300 pages available form the standard cartridge. There are many good options for the compatible version of these HP cartridges will great online bundle deals offering free cartridges and low cost next day delivery. Original brand printer ink in Cork has become very expensive and many people are making the switch to the compatible version in an effort to make some savings on their printing. These savings apply to printers in the home and in the office and are available in laser toner as well as inkjet cartridges.

Another feature of the HP 364 cartridge is that it carries no print head. The print head is located in the printer and this in effect means the cost of the cartridge is drastically reduced and easier to replicate as a compatible. The majority of the HP printers have the print head located in the cartridge which means every time you change the cartridge print head. While this may give superior print quality it also makes the cost of the cartridge expensive. HP has made a step in the right direction offering the HP364 ink cartridge and any ink shop in Cork that stocks the compatible version of the cartridge is surely on to a winner.

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My black ink cartridge will not print but my colour ink cartridge is printing perfectly

Useful instructions if your printer fails to print with black ink cartridgesIf your printer will not print black on your document then there are a couple of possible issues that might need resolving. First of all has the printer given a warning about low ink or has the ink actually run out and need replacing? If so, then replace the ink cartridge as directed. It’s a myth that you don’t need black ink to print a colour image or indeed that you can print black text without the printer requiring a colour cartridge. The majority of printers require both the black and colour ink cartridges to be recognised as having ink and will not operate if one of the colours is out of ink.

If you have just installed your ink cartridges correctly and there are no error messages relating to the cartridges, but the black ink is still not showing when you print a document then the issue may be a blocked print head. The first step in checking this out is to go to the printer maintenance facility and run a test print to see if there is a trace of black printing at all. You can access this procedure in a couple of ways, either go to your printer icon at the bottom of your screen and select printer utility > maintenance > clean heads or go to file print and select printer utility > maintenance > clean heads. Performing a head cleaning procedure will force ink from the ink cartridge through the print head and clear any blockage that may be preventing the printing of the document. It’s important to remember that each time you perform a head cleaning procedure you print a test page to monitor the improvement of the print quality. The printer is clever enough to know that if you decide to perform another head cleaning procedure after printing a test page that the blockage was not cleared and will force a greater amount of ink through in a further attempt to clear the blockage. Although you may have no real option but to see it through, the downside of performing several head cleaning procedures is that it uses a lot of ink and will drain the ink cartridge quite fast.

The head cleaning will usually clear up the issue of the black cartridge not printing but if it’s still the case that the printer will not print black or the quality will not improve it’s possible that the print heads in the printer are the issue. Depending on the original cost of the printer it may be more economical to replace the printer than try to have the print head replaced.

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Where is the best place to buy Canon replacement printer ink in Dublin?

Buying replacement Canon ink cartridges in Dublin can be an unenviable task especially if it means jumping in your car and trying to get across the city to pick some ink cartridges. There are many local retailers who sell printer cartridges in Dublin but the best deals surely must be those online. There are many online suppliers who offer low cost next day delivery of ink cartridges. These suppliers mostly concentrate on the supply of compatible ink cartridges for all the major brands such as Canon, Epson, Samsung and Brother. All other brands are available but the best deals will usually be found among these more popular brands.

Buy Canon replacement Ink Cartridges online with great deals and save your money

Canon printers come in different shapes and sizes with some printers using two ink cartridges, a black and tri-colour and some will use up to six individual colours. The obvious advantage of using the four or six individual cartridges is that the colours can be replaced as they run out and this can be more cost effective in the long run. Buying the original brand ink in Dublin can be very expensive and the cheaper compatible alternative is becoming more and more popular.

From a time saving point of view ordering online is the smarter way to order. The great deals for compatible ink cartridges online coupled with low cost delivery to Dublin makes sense for those considering making the switch to non-original cartridges. Replacement Canon cartridges come in two types; compatible or remanufactured. The compatible ink cartridges are new cartridges manufactured to act as a clone or replacement of the original cartridge. These are manufactured for those printers that contain the print head in the printer and not the cartridge and are generally cheaper than the remanufactured cartridges.

The remanufactured ink cartridges have the print head integrated into the cartridge. In effect, with this cartridge every time you change the cartridge you are changing the print head. This is claimed to give better printing results but the cartridges are much more expensive than their compatible counterparts. Either way, if you opt for buying compatible or remanufactured printer ink in Dublin the savings you make going forward will have a serious effect on your spending on printing.

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Can I use compatible ink cartridges with my new Epson Expression printer?

Save Money by using Compatible Ink Cartridges for New Epson Expression PrinterEvery new printer comes with a set of cartridges to get the printer started, but will usually only last for a few pages of print. Hopefully you will have done your research before actually buying the printer to ensure that it will work with a compatible ink cartridge that is sure to be a fraction of the cost of an original brand. Epson printers in general accept compatible ink without any issues. The new range of Epson Expression printers are no exception and savings of up to 70% can be made against the original brand price.

Of course it’s always good housekeeping to check for the cost of the ink cartridge that your printer will use before you buy the actual printer. Also, giving a quick call to a reputable ink supplier will alert you to any issues there might be with using compatibles. This may be an issue if you were considering purchasing a HP printer but as a rule, the Epson range gives little or no bother in this respect.

The Epson Expression range of printers use four colour ink cartridges black, cyan, magenta and yellow. The advantage of running a printer with four individual ink cartridges is that you can replace one colour at a time when they run out. If you choose to buy a two cartridge printer, for example a Canon printer that uses one black and one tri-colour ink cartridge, then replacing the colour can be expensive as once it runs low on one colour the whole cartridge must be replaced. A big advantage using compatible ink is that the cartridges are generally filled to capacity so you will receive more ink in your cartridge than an original brand.

The Epson expression cartridges come in a standard and high capacity version. The high capacity version, also known as the XL, will produce more prints than the standard cartridge and is better value when bought as a compatible. Epson printer’s track record overall using compatible ink is very good with few printers rejecting the cartridges. From time to time the printers may display the message ‘cartridges cannot be recognised‘. If this message appears when you first insert the ink cartridge then it’s likely that the cartridge is faulty, you can try removing and reinstalling, if this doesn’t work then replace the cartridge. If this message appears during printing then it ‘s likely that the ink is running low big advantage using compatible ink is that the cartridges are generally filled to capacity or has run out, check the ink levels (some printers will not display the ink volumes on compatible cartridges so this is also an indication that it ‘s time to replace the cartridge). Overall, the Epson Expression are a great All-in-One printer that works well alongside the compatible Epson ink cartridges.

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I have a new Epson printer and want to buy cheap replacement ink cartridges in Cork

Shop online for low cost replacement ink cartridges in cork for your New Epson printerHaving bought a new Epson printer either in a local shop or online, the next step is to find somewhere that stocks the good quality replacement ink cartridges in Cork. Any ink shop in Cork will be to supply original brand ink cartridges for a new Epson printer but the cost of a set of ink cartridges may prove to cost more than the original cost of the printer. The demand for compatible ink cartridges in Cork has grown considerably in recent months with many orders being placed online as the prices and choice of ink available is far superior to that stocked locally. The bundle deals available online mean that it possible to buy ink cartridges for as little as one euro with low cost next day delivery.

Prior to buying the Epson printer it always makes sense to carry out a little research to find out the cost and availability of the cartridges the printer uses. This is actually the most important part of buying the printer apart from the function requirements you specifically need. For everyday home use there are many Epson All-in-One printers that will fit the bill and work perfectly well with a good quality compatible ink cartridge. Checking the availability of these ink cartridges as compatibles at your local ink shop in Cork is good housekeeping but not a major issue as you will be able to get them online easy enough at a better deal anyway.

Bundle deals online for compatible Epson ink is so good that very often there are free gifts from suppliers who are eager to secure your repeat business. Always look for a supplier that will give you a money-back guarantee and who will offer any help if there are any technical issues with the cartridges. You should be able to make a realistic saving of up to 70% on some Epson replacement cartridges for your printer and these savings will more than likely not be available at your local ink shop in Cork. You should also take into account the cost of travelling across the city to collect your printer ink in Cork. Wouldn’t it make more sense to order the ink from the comfort of your own home or office and receive your order in 1 – 2 says time at your leisure? These great online deals not only apply to Epson but to many of the leading brands (and the more obscure), and are there to be taken advantage of as we strive to buy smarter and thus make our everyday printing more economical.

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